Wedding & Receptions

Wedding & Receptions

Weddings are special events that mark the beginning of a new chapter in a couple's life. They are a celebration of the love and commitment between two people who want to spend their lives together.

A wedding is a ceremony where two people legally or formally become partners in a personal relationship. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between different cultures, religions, countries, and social classes. Most weddings involve the couple exchanging marriage vows, giving and receiving gifts, exchanging rings, flowers, money, and having the marriage announced publicly by an official figure.

During a wedding ceremony, the couple may wear special clothing, and afterwards, there may be a reception with music, food, and drinks. The ceremony may also include prayers, readings, or religious texts. As wedding planners, we strive to make our clients' dreams come true by providing highly professional services and helping them plan the perfect wedding in Hyderabad.

Services We Provide

Go-Grandios Events is a one-stop destination for all wedding event planning needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services that includes:

Venue: As wedding planners, we take care of arranging everything necessary for the wedding ceremony and reception. This includes amenities such as tables, chairs, and lighting, to ensure that the event runs smoothly and looks beautiful.

Catering: We offer a variety of menus and international cuisines to cater to the preferences and dietary requirements of the couple and their guests. Our goal is to provide delicious food options that everyone can enjoy during the wedding event.

Decoration: We have a team of professional decorators who specialize in creating theme-based decor for weddings. They can design beautiful flower arrangements, lighting, and other decorative elements to make the wedding venue look stunning and match the couple's preferences.

Photography and videography: We have a team of skilled photographers and videographers who are experienced in capturing the special moments of the wedding day. They use their expertise to create beautiful memories that the couple can cherish for a lifetime.

Hair Make up and Saree Draping: We offer professional makeup and saree draping services for events, particularly Indian weddings and cultural celebrations. Our makeup artists and saree drapers are skilled in creating stunning looks that complement the occasion and the individual's style. They consider factors like skin tone, facial features, and event type to create a flawless and radiant look for the bride or guests. Our team collaborates with experienced professionals to ensure our clients receive the best services. These services can add an elegant and glamorous touch to any event and create memorable experiences for everyone involved.

Entertainment: We provide various entertainment options for events, including live music, DJ performances, and dance shows, that will make your nights enjoyable and unforgettable.

Wedding planning: We take care of all aspects of a wedding, including budgeting, scheduling, vendor coordination, and on-site management.

Transportation: We arrange transportation services for the wedding couple and their guests from the wedding venue.

Go-Grandios Events is a one-stop-shop for all wedding event needs, providing a comprehensive range of services to help plan and execute the perfect wedding. From budgeting and scheduling to vendor coordination and on-site management, we handle it all, including transportation, food and beverage, décor, entertainment, photography, and makeup and saree draping services. This allows the couple to enjoy their special day without stress and hassle, knowing that everything is being taken care of under one roof.

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